In addition to the support our Group provides to the community, here are some other amazing organisations and Charities whom we fully support and endorse.

Wouldn’t Change A Thing 

A group who are trying to change people’s changing outdated negative perceptions of Down’s Syndrome.  They are successfully doing this by spreading their positive message via. social media, the press and sharing their experience in the form of blogs, articles and learning disability inclusion talks.

Here are some of their amazing videos (check out the youtube link above for more!)

Dr Margaret Woodhouse

Senior Lecturer, Head of the Down’s Syndrome Vision Research Unit at the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences.

Dr Woodhouse’s main interests are visual development in children with Downs syndrome and the eye care needs of children and adults with disabilities.  She is also interested in how visual impairment affects education and daily living skill.

Please use the following link to contact or learn more about her Dr Margaret Woodhouse


Patients with Down syndrome can have a big fear of going to the dentist because they may not understand what is happening.  Dentably provides great guidance as they have years of experience working with children with extra needs.

Please visit their site for more information here Dentably