We are a friendly group providing support to individuals and families whose lives are touched by Downs Syndrome. In addition to giving support and advice to families with new babies and young children on a one to one basis we have a number of fun family regular meets and events.

Our roots go back to 2004 but gained registered charity status in 2010. The concentration of our activities centre around Cheltenham and we currently offer support to families throughout the Gloucestershire and Cotswold area.

You can take as little or as much as you want from Cotswold Downs Syndrome Group and hopefully meet some long lasting friends along the way.

Charity Details

Registered charity number: 1134341
Cotswold Downs Syndrome Group (Friends of Daniella)
1 Rowan Way, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham,
Gloucestershire, GL51 3YF

Committee members (Trustees) -

Jenny Williams RSCN (Chair)
Jenny King (Treasurer)
Nia Seymour
Gregory King
Bob Seymour
Tania Charlton
Karen Dickerson

Additional Roles -

Jenny King - Committee Coordinator
Gregory King - IT Operations Manager
Lewis King - IT Operations


Jenny King explains why Cotswold Downs Syndrome Group - Friends of Daniella, was set up:

My beautiful daughter Daniella sadly died just before her 4th birthday from a complex congenital heart condition.

I wanted her to be remembered in a positive way and know that a lot of parents feel shell shocked when you’re first told your child has downs syndrome however I wanted to share my experiences and show that Daniella changed our lives for the better.

Jenny and her whole family dedicate a lot of time to the running of the group and organisation of events.



Resources for Parents

If you're expecting a child with Downs Syndrome, or are looking for help, we have put together a list of resources for new and expecting parents.

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